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 The Conflict Between Love and Church
The Conflict Between Love and Church
acrylic paint on canvas
74" x 52"

This painting is part of a on going series documenting my past experiences identifying as queer individual in a conservatives church setting. It was part of a solo show at Boston school of Theology, March-May 2019.

My Nana has always been a powerful source of support in my life. From her, I gained my love of knitting and gardening, and l learned how to drive. Her support for my art never falters. We shared similar beliefs until I altered my faith to match my truth and started openly living "a gay lifestyle.” Nana disagreed with my choice, but instead of quoting scripture, condemning me, or arguing, we talked and listened to each other. Church could have divided us but Nana chose to be in loving connection. She says she may not understand it all but God will use me for his good. She continues to give and show continual love and is a true example of Christ's unconditional love.