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Nathaniel Devarie Artist Statement: 2021
The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has forced me to reimagine how I share my art. With the loss of gallery space and in-person shows, I have been working to create more public art. Early on in the pandemic I knew that it would be important to share more art in my community as a way to encourage people to feel connected in such a difficult time. Lately, I have been displaying my art on my front lawn at the corner of Powder House Terrace and Kidder Avenue in Somerville, Ma.
Folks all throughout the community stop by constantly to see and enjoy the various displays. Working outdoors has given me a wonderful opportunity to combine my love of art and love of gardening. This public art outside my home has inspired other public showings in different locations in the city of Somerville. Currently displayed around Somerville is a large Dragon Sculpture for the Ignite festival in Porter Square (Saturday Nov. 7, 2020) relocated to Somerville City Hall Annex. Also a large Nativity set for Calvary United Methodist Church in Arlington (Dec- Feb 2020-2021).

This year I will continue to make outdoor public art and also return to oil paintings that are more geared toward gallery settings.

About The artist