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Nathaniel Devarie Artist's Statement

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes is better than one.” William Shakespeare.
For most of my life, I was ashamed to be a jack of all trades. As an artist, I am interested in a variety of mediums, materials, and disciplines. However, I recently learned the second half of this quote by Shakespeare “but oftentimes is better than one.” I didn’t realize the positive note on which this quote ends. That being said, I am finally making art my own way and not tailoring myself to a particular vision of what it means to be an artist.
Currently, I have four categories of work. Public art, large narrative oil paintings, pen and watercolors drawings, and mixed media work. I have learned that working in multiple materials helps me to think differently and explore new avenues I wouldn't have before. Switching between mediums keeps my mind sharp and excited to explore and experiment.
My most recent works of public art are large OmegaBond cutouts for events like Union Sq’s Fluff Festival. I also place these themed cutouts in my yard for the neighborhood to enjoy. I also have a ongoing series started in 2015 of large narrative oil paintings documenting my experience of identifying as a gay man and growing up in a conservative Christian home. These paintings express my personal journey of detangling harmful theology I was raised to believe.
The delicate pen and watercolor drawings depict fairytale-esk scenes that mimic medieval woodblock prints with a whimsical color palette.
The mixed media work explores using non-traditional materials in traditional topics like portraiture and landscapes. Anything and everything can be used. I've been focusing on trying to preserve glitter by pouring resin over the glitter in hopes to preserve the glitter from oxidizing over time. Like how the famous Ruby Slippers have faded over time.

Nathaniel Devarie was raised in Easton Pennsylvania. Graduated from the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Performing Arts in the Visual Art Department in 2009. Then graduated in 2013 from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts "PAFA" as a painting major and sculpture minor. He remained in Philadelphia for seven years working on his art and while also working as a cashier, a florist, and as a figure model for art schools. He relocated to Boston, Massachusetts in 2017 and continues to paint and model. (The Academy of Realist Artists (ARA), Mass Art, The Museum School, Tufts University, Cambridge School of Weston, Brick Bottom sketch club, and local artist Michael Costello, photographer Robert Siegelman, and many more smaller drawing groups)

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