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 Forward Through the Ages
Forward Through the Ages
Acrylic paint on Canvas
73” x 48”

This painting is part of a on going series documenting my past experiences identifying as queer individual in a conservatives church setting. It was part of a solo show at Boston school of Theology, March-May 2019.

This painting represents different generations contributing and maintaining the church. Thinking about how we create many church communities with different theological convictions, imbedded histories, and cultural ideals yet all strive to serve Christ the way they interpret Christ to be. Not building a new church but being apart of it. I enjoy going into older churches and see all the build up of different peaces holding it together contributed by different generations.

I get excited about church and cathedral architecture because of the elaborate and unusual construction. I’m fascinated with how such old methods of building still stand strong today and still demand your attention. When I visit old church buildings I feel like it allows me to connect to the past. Allows me to place myself in the fantasy of another time, an older world. Growing up in contemporary age gives me what I need to survive but doesn't spark the same fantasy.