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Artist Statement
A year ago, I began a series of paintings documenting my experience of identifying as a gay individual and my relationship with my church communities and beliefs. It has been a challenging experience mixing these two seemingly opposing worlds. It was a struggle being raised in a conservative branch of Christianity that may not have had the tools or knowledge of how to handle my sense of sexual orientation. Rather than acceptance, grace, or even outright condemnation, folks hinted that I should grow up to live a quiet and celibate life. I did that, for many years, and it took me years to untangle the variety of opinions that have shaped my sense of self and understanding of who and how I should be. My faith community made me feel like an outsider, having to keep myself a secret, something to be ashamed to show the world. Now I am celebrating and blossoming into myself. The goal of my work is to connect with people through sharing my story, which documents this process of vulnerably living out my truth in public.


Nathaniel Devarie is from Easton, Pennsylvania. He graduated from The Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Performing Arts in the visual art department. He refined his skills at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) as a Painting major and Sculpture minor, graduating in 2013. Nathaniel lived in Philadelphia for seven years while consistently making art. He worked extensively as a figure model for art colleges such as PAFA, Tyler, U-Arts, Studio Incamminati, the Woodmere, Plastic Club, and local artist Scott Noel. Nathaniel enjoyed working in a floral shop, as well as performing “super characters” for The Philadelphia Opera at Academy of Music. He performed in Nabucco, Barber of Saville, Oscar Wilde, and Elixir of Love. He relocated to Boston, Massachusetts in 2017 and continues to figure model for schools and local artists, such as the Academy of Realism Art (ARA), Mount IDA School of Design, Jason Polins, and Michael Costello. Nathaniel remains a prolific artist and is currently working on a painting series exploring stories as they intersect with sexual orientation, gender identity, and spirituality.


"Living My Truth"
Solo exhibition on March 7- May 22, 2018
STH Community Center, at Boston University School Of Theology
Boston, MA

“Marca X”
Group exhibition January 11- February 15, 2018
La Galeria at Villa Victoria Center for the Arts and Harvard Ed Portal Reception
Boston, MA

Union United Methodist Church, 2017
Exhibiting three large paintings collaborated with a sermon celebrating LGBTQ History Month

“Insider Art”
Group exhibition March 2016 & March .92017
128 Gallery, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Philadelphia, PA

“Take A Seat”
Group exhibition 2015
International Furnishings and Design Association
Philadelphia PA

“Endless Pattern”
Solo exhibition July-August 31,2015
Architect Salon and Gallery
Philadelphia, PA

“Endless Pattern”
Solo exhibition 2015
Paris Wine Bar
Philadelphia, Pa

Annual Student Exhibition May 2012 & 2013
The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Philadelphia, PA

Alumni Show 2011
Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Performing Arts
Bethlehem, PA

Featured in:

"Being Gay and Standing with God"
The Philadelphia Inquirer 2016