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Large Painting
The Separation of Church & Nate,Sold
Acrylic paint Pastel on Canvas
48" x 48"

This painting is part of a on going series documenting my past experiences identifying as queer individual in a conservatives church setting. It was part of a solo show at Boston school of Theology, March-May 2019.

I grew up in an evangelical church in Pennsylvania. Sunday school, youth group, Bible study, and Christian summer camp colored and shaped my life. Homosexuality was always considered a sin, and I was told to live a life of celibacy. Faithfully, I followed. Eventually, I realized that all these messages were interpretations of what the Bible said, not the absolute truth. Opinions varied from person to person, from church to church, but all declaring theirs was the true faith. I loved the community of church but not shame it cast over my life. So, I boldly stepped out of church for a year to clear my thoughts and find out what Christ would want me to do.